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At lunchtime children can choose to bring their own sandwiches or have a dinner.



Each day there is a choice of menu, however children will never be forced to eat something that they do not like. All children eating a dinner will be encourage to eat what they have chosen correctly, with a knife and fork.

These meals cost £2.20 a day (£11.00 a week) and money should be paid through parentpay.



Children who bring sandwiches will eat at the same time as children having dinners and in the same dining room. Sweets or snacks of any kind are not permitted in school, although chocolate biscuits are acceptable. We do ask for parents not to send glass containers into school as a safety issue.

If a child forgets their sandwiches, please could you hand the sandwiches into the office before 11.30am and we ensure they are collected. If a child who normally has sandwiches has a dinner we will normally ask that you pay for that meal.



Children in NRS, 1H, 1A, 2B and 2AB classes are able to have school milk. We issue letters with the cost and a parentpay barcode a term in advance. If you wish your child to have school milk, please pay the amount through parentpay. From the date the letter was sent we allow a month for payments to be made before ordering the school milk. Once we have made the order we will be unable to accommodate late payments or requests.

If you are entitled to Free School Milk, YOU MUST TELL THE OFFICE before the month deadline so that we can add your child to the order.

Children who participate in the ‘Milk in Schools Scheme’ benefit from a subsidy from the Intervention Board. This represents a significant reduction in the actual cost of milk.



Children in the Foundation Stage Unit and Key Stage 1 receive fruit from the government on a daily basis. This fruit is available to the children at no cost.