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Our staff

Here is a list of all staff at The John Curwen Co-operative Primary Academy. We hope this helps you direct correspondence to the right member of staff.




Academy Team


Mrs S Balfour-Bellamy 



Mrs Hacker

Trust Finance Manager


Mr White

Site Manager


Mrs L Somerville 

Vice Principal


Mrs Hargreaves 

Officer Manager

Mr Henderson

IT Manager


Mrs C Brackenbury

Ast Vice Principal


Miss Osbourne

Senior Business Support Officer

Mrs Willett

Wellbeing Manager


Mrs Naylor,

Academy Finance Manager

Mrs Walker

Educational Teaching Manager


Teaching Staff


Mrs Drye Pipits/Foundation Stage


Miss H Smith Kingfishers / Year 1


Mrs Anderson Oystercatchers / Year 3

Mrs Bracewell Robins / Reception


Miss B Horrocks Puffins / Year 1


Mrs Lewis Sandpipers / Year 3


Mr Alvy Sparrows / Reception


Mr Cooper Doves / Year 2

Miss Yousef Barn Owls / Year 4




Mrs Somerville Woodpeckers / Year 2


Mrs Sutherland Tawny Owls / Year 4


Mrs Bacon Oystercatchers / Year 3


Miss Burn Ospreys / Year 5


Miss Rushworth Ospreys / Year 5 



Miss Sykes Sparrowhawks / Year 5



Mrs Brackenbury Golden Eagles / Year 6



Mrs King Sea Eagles / Year 6

Educational Teaching Assistants


Miss Fox


Mrs Moran

Mrs Ellis



Educational Teaching Assistants:Cover Supervisor

Mrs Williamson


Mrs Wright



Miss Heer




Mr Maycroft


Educational Teaching Assistants:Nursery Nurse


Mrs Colley


Mrs Mamaniyat


Mrs G King


 Mrs Sagar


Mrs Lawton


Mrs Wasala 


Mrs Furby



Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs Balfour-Bellamy - Principal, Leadership & Management
  • Mrs Somerville - Vice Principal, Teaching and Learning and Curriculum
  • Mrs Brackenbury - Assistant Vice Principal, Support Staff
  • Mrs J King - Key Stage 2 Leader
  • Miss H Smith - Key Stage 1 Leader 
  • Mrs N Bracewell - Foundation Stage Leader
  • Mrs Hacker - Finance


Subject Leadership

  • Science Miss Burn & Miss Horrocks
  • RE Mrs Mara (Mrs Somerville)
  • PE Mr Cooper
  • Music Mrs Lewis
  • MFL Mrs Sutherland
  • Art/DT Mrs Anderson
  • English Mrs Brackenbury & Mrs King
  • Computing Mrs Bacon
  • PSCHE Mrs Drye
  • Phonics Miss H Smith

SENDCO (Special Educational Needs & Disability Leaders)

  • Mrs Drye - Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1
  • Mrs Sutherland - Key Stage 2