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Our staff

Here is a list of all staff at The John Curwen Co-operative Primary Academy. We hope this helps you direct correspondence to the right member of staff.




Academy Team


Mrs G Winterburn

Trust Executive Leader


Mrs L Somerville 

Acting Principal


Mrs Hacker

Trust Finance Manager


Mrs C Brackenbury

Acting Vice Principal


Mrs Hargreaves 

Officer Manager

Mr Henderson

IT Manager

Miss Osbourne

Senior Business Support Officer

Mrs Willett

Wellbeing Manager

Mrs Naylor,

Academy Finance Manager

Mrs Walker

Educational Teaching Manager

Mr Latham Platt



Teaching Staff


Mrs Drye  ND /Nursery 


Miss H Smith  1S / Year 1


Miss A Morrell  - 3M/ Year 3

Mrs Bracewell  RB / Reception


Miss B Horrocks  1H / Year 1


Mr English  3E / Year 3


Mr Alvy  RA / Reception


Mrs Anderson  2A / Year 2

Mrs Sutherland  5/6Su / Year 5/6




Mrs Bray 2BS/ Year 2


Miss Burn  5/6BR / Year 5/6


Mr Smerchynsky  2BS/Year 2


Miss Rushworth  5/6BR / Year 5/6


Miss Sykes  5/6S / Year 5/6



Mrs Brackenbury 6B / Year 6


Mrs King 6K/ Year 6


Educational Teaching Assistants


Miss Fox


Mrs Moran

Mrs Ellis



Educational Teaching Assistants:Cover Supervisor

Mrs Williamson


Mrs Wright



Miss Heer






Educational Teaching Assistants & Nursery Nurses


Mrs Colley


Mrs Mamaniyat


Mrs G King




Mrs Lawton


Mrs Wasala 


Mrs Furby



Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs G Winterburn - Trust Executive Leader
  • Mrs Somerville - Acting Principal, Teaching and Learning and Curriculum
  • Mrs Brackenbury - Acting Vice Principal, Data and Support Staff
  • Mrs J King -  Senior Phase Leader, Key Stage 2 Leader
  • Miss H Smith - Key Stage 1 Leader 
  • Mrs N Bracewell - Foundation Stage Leader
  • Mrs Hacker - Finance


Subject Leadership

  • Science Miss Burn & Miss Horrocks
  • RE Mrs Mara (Mrs Somerville)
  • PE TBC
  • Music Mrs Lewis
  • MFL Mrs Sutherland
  • Art/DT Mrs Anderson
  • English Mrs King
  • Computing Mrs Bacon
  • PSCHE Mrs Drye
  • Phonics Miss H Smith
  • Maths Mrs Brackenbury

SENDCO (Special Educational Needs & Disability Leaders)

  • Mrs Drye - Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1
  • Mrs Sutherland - Key Stage 2