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Class Structure

At the John Curwen Co-operative Primary Academy we use bird names with strong phonic sounds to name our classes. There is a strong class identity and many of our new children soon become proud Pipits or Robins as they march around our academy.




Foundation Stage



Pipits / Nursery

Teacher: Mrs Drye


Sparrows / Reception

Teacher: Mr Alvy

Robins / Reception

Teacher: Mrs Bracewell



Key Stage 1



Kingfishers / Year 1

Teacher: Miss H Smith


Puffins / Year 1

Teacher: Miss B Horrocks


Woodpeckers / Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Somerville 


Doves / Year 2

Teacher: Mr Cooper



Key Stage 2


Sandpipers / Year 3

Teacher: Mrs Lewis


Oystercatchers / Year 3

Teachers: Mrs Bacon &

Mrs Anderson



Barn Owls / Year 4

Teacher: Miss Yousef



Tawny Owls / Year 4

Teacher: Mrs Sutherland


Ospreys / Year 5

Teachers: Miss Burn &

Miss Rushworth


Sparrowhawks / Year 5

Teacher: Miss Sykes


Golden Eagles / Year 6

Teacher: Mrs Brackenbury


Sea Eagles / Year 6

Teacher: Mrs King